Michael will draw on his years of experience as a federal prosecutor to work with law enforcement on smarter ways to tackle crime. He'll look at developing a larger public safety team that includes essential services and programs that have proven to reduce crime and increase neighborhood safety. He'll tackle crime from a broader perspective with a keen understanding rooted from his years working in and with state, federal and local law enforcement. 




Michael will invest in more job training and educational attainment for residents. He will work with Atlanta's business community to solve the skills gap for middle skill jobs which will in turn give more residents opportunities to earn a middle class wage, while simultaneously growing the city’s economy by providing businesses with the human capital they need to thrive. 


Traffic + Transportation

Michael will conduct a street by street study to re-engineer areas of severe choke points so that in-city traffic on our most congested areas during our most congested times can move more rapidly. He will call upon our research institutions like Georgia Tech to help develop methodologies that allow for easier flow of inner city traffic. He will work with the development community to create more walkable urban areas throughout the City of Atlanta. Michael will add a traffic response team that can immediately react to high volume backups and incidents in the city that cause traffic congestion.  


Michael will work with APS to deliver quality universal early childhood/pre-k education for every student in the city. He will also work in coordination with APS by having an education liaison team to actively engage with local schools and communities to tackle relevant neighborhood issues outside of the classroom that impact student performance inside the classroom.

Small Business

Michael will invest in small businesses and start-ups through Invest Atlanta.  He will develop a venture capital fund utilizing the city’s economic development arm that provides access to capital and necessary resources for tech start-ups and other new small businesses. Incentives for businesses that are grown and committed to staying in Atlanta will also be created as well as investing in technology and innovation.



Arts District

With assistance from some of the city’s creative citizens, Michael will encourage the transformation of some of Atlanta’s most troubled neighborhoods through the arts. This will impact economic growth, education, and affordable housing.